All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, 个人发展与抱负.



















This page will hopefully provide you with some insight as to what it is like to be a teacher at our Academy.

Each year we have minimal vacancies as the vast majority of staff have worked at the Academy for several years and we expect for this to continue.

我希望一旦你读了这些信息并浏览了网站, you are interested in applying for any posts we are advertising or you may wish to submit your CV for potential posts in the future.

另外, 如果你想参观学院或进行秘密谈话, 请联系校长的私人助理弗朗西斯夫人 m.francis@crossfitgreenwoodvillage.com .





这一政策背后的逻辑是,如果高级领导团队把员工放在第一位, 这意味着它们得到了支持, 倾听并与高级领导团队合作. 这样做的影响是,学生可以获得最好的学习环境!


简单地说,最好的教师希望在他们受到重视和支持的地方工作. 如果沙巴体育app创造一个让最好的老师茁壮成长的环境, 这意味着学生的成长是因为老师想留下来. At Harris Morden we have very little staff turnover and this means our students get consistently good teaching from staff who know them and have worked at the Academy for many years.

We therefore continuously look at how the Senior 工作人员 can support teachers and support staff to have a better work life balance and at the same time be the most effective teachers for our students.

It is understood by all that teaching is a wonderful profession; however, it is very demanding!

近年来,沙巴体育app探索了CPD模式, 作业方法, 批改与教学反馈的方式与数量.

We feel we have developed our processes to provide the best education for students whilst at the same time giving staff time. 时间对教师来说是最宝贵的商品. 只有时间才能产生最好的沙巴体育app下载和最有效的对话.




沙巴体育app把上课时间调整了10分钟. 每天额外的10分钟将在填写表格时使用. 在上课时间,所有学生学习下棋,参加大会或完成PSHE活动. The extra 10 minutes taking it from 20 minutes per day to 30 minutes means this can be enhanced further.

工作人员 and families can therefore have an additional week of holiday that will sit outside of peak times. 这将使沙巴体育app的学生、家庭和工作人员受益.


沙巴体育app已将星期一晚间的持续专业进修沙巴体育app下载改为星期一上午的简报会. 通过这种方式,沙巴体育app在每周开始时提供简短的“最佳实践”范例. 然后,周一的晚上用于部门会议或员工标记晚上.


沙巴体育app每半个学期提供两个星期一的标记日. This is dedicated time to sit together and mark books with your colleagues without being disturbed.


每个学期沙巴体育app使用一个INSET Twilight来做标记. This is dedicated time to sit together and mark books with your colleagues without being disturbed between 3.00点- 6点.


There is nothing worse than spending hours marking page after page for no one to look at this or take any action. 在HAMD,沙巴体育app使用框架标记. 教师选择作业来打分. 他们用粉色的高光笔把这个框起来,并根据读写能力和主题内容做了广泛的标记. Students are then provided with a ‘What Went Well’ (WWW) comment and an ‘Even Better If’ (EBI) question or action. Students then spend the next lesson re-writing the section and making the necessary changes and improvements to respond to the teachers marking.



起初,老师们对这种方法有些怀疑, however seeing the impact upon their work load and the students’ progress has made this a very well received strategy.


我知道我和英语系的其他成员已经提到过这一点, but I just wanted to say again what an improvement the new marking policy has made to both my teaching and learning and wellbeing.  

这是我第一次准备好看一本书(除了一套七年级的书).  除此之外, I have enjoyed my half term and taken genuine time off whilst still managing to mark four sets of books, 三套沙巴体育app下载作业,计划和资源两个单元的工作. I have actually enjoyed marking because instead of feeling like I am desperately trying to cut corners in order to meet the marking policy and play catch up, 标记了 通知 我教与学而不是妨碍它.  我能够策划EBI沙巴体育app下载,填补学生知识的空白, 澄清误解,建立重要的论文写作技巧, as well as continue to revise key content that they will be assessed on for their GCSEs/ end of term/year assessments because marking takes less time and is therefore more timely and relevant.

I genuinely feel in a position to manage my own workload and support the department in a way that I simply didn't when we spoke last term.  谢谢你促成了这一政策上的改变.

Emma Sheppard -英语首席实践者


在每个半学期结束时,沙巴体育app会举办一次早餐会. This is a time for the Principal to address the staff and then spend 10 minutes relaxing with colleagues before the start of the last week of term.



We are proud to adopt a number of practices at 沙巴体育app下载 to help our staff members with families enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Almost all of our Extended 高级领导团队 are parents themselves and do their best to lead by example in terms of accommodating the practicalities of parenthood.  沙巴体育app学校的许多学生都是学校教职员工的子女, and we have welcomed younger children onto site on INSET days and at the end of term when childcare arrangements can be tricky.

沙巴体育app有来自高级领导团队的员工在各个级别兼职工作, 致部门主管, 沙巴体育app很乐意讨论灵活的安排, 包括工作分享机会.  Our priority is to attract and retain excellent practitioners to deliver the highest quality of teaching and learning to our students.

We offer childcare vouchers and up to 3 days paid Dependents Leave per year (at the Principal’s discretion) as part of the 哈里斯联合会 benefits package, 以及每年高达4周的无薪育儿假,用于紧急家庭护理.  We follow the Burgundy Book recommendations for maternity leave pay and offer Shared Parental Leave arrangements for partners. 

作为一个学校, we have supported the foundation and development of The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project to ensure that we are communicating and supporting staff effectively when they are on parental leave, 作为额外的非正式支持, 沙巴体育app的员工团体中有一位家长代表, 谁能提供建议和支持当前, 新父母和准父母.  沙巴体育app总是愿意听取关于如何更好地支持沙巴体育app的在职父母的意见.

We understand that creating a family-friendly culture relies on a network of colleagues who support and empower each other, 不管他们的家庭地位如何, and we hope that the logistical arrangements that we are able to offer enable parents to thrive both at home and in their professional lives. 

The Principal’s children and other staff members children are made to feel welcome at Morden when their schools have an INSET day.


每年沙巴体育app都会提供各种各样的培训机会 in order to support colleagues in their current role. 每年沙巴体育app都会提供各种各样的培训机会, 包括发展机会和诸如时间表之类的培训, 沙巴体育app下载, 中层领导项目等.

We hope that the information above demonstrates why we have an extremely high retention rate and a happy staff body - we look forward to welcoming you to our Academy.