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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, 个人发展与抱负.

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公民入籍日2 - 1月25日-点击这里!


封锁和自我隔离对学生和他们的家庭来说是令人不安的. Fortunately, at Harris Academy Morden we have been working hard to put systems in place to ensure that the curriculum can continue and the impact on young people is minimised as far as possible.

Online Platforms:

www.twinkl.co.uk -您也可以注册免费访问高质量的资源,如闪烁. 在选择激活您的帐户之前,请确保您检查了完整的细节和条款和条件.

In addition, we advise you to read as many books as possible linked to the topics you have been studying in each subject and also complete independent research using the internet as well.

下面的信息可以回答你可能遇到的大多数问题. If you have further issues, 请致电接待处020 8687 1157,沙巴体育app的团队会将您的查询直接转给正确的人. Please be aware that staff may be teaching or working from home which may mean it takes a little longer for us to get in touch.


只要您的孩子需要在家工作,MS团队就可以提供现场沙巴体育app下载. If your child is unable to access this you should inform Reception on 020 8687 1157 so that we can support your child to access the curriculum.


在封锁期间,沙巴体育app将继续提供完整的沙巴体育app下载, 尽管学科领导可以调整主题的顺序,以适应家庭学习.

如果你的孩子很好,他们应该继续按照他们的时间表,而在家里. 以下所有科目都有现场授课:英语, maths, science, computing, geography, history, RE, art and Spanish. In some practical lessons, 完整的沙巴体育app下载是不可能活下来的, but assignments will be set via MS Teams; this is the case for PE, technology, drama, music and EAL. 如果老师缺席,将不会有现场的沙巴体育app下载,但任务将由MS团队设置. 学生不需要在辅导期间参加现场授课.





  • 访问MS团队通过学生Sharepoint -沙巴体育app建议使用谷歌Chrome为此
  • 下载微软团队应用程序到Windows或苹果电脑
  • 在iOS或Android手机或平板电脑上下载MS Teams应用程序

学生可以通过以上任何一种方式登录到微软团队 @hfed.net school login. This will then enable them to access the ‘Teams’ for each of their classes and attend each of the lessons at the normal time.

If your child is having difficulty accessing the lessons they should first make use of the student guide available here. 如果他们继续遇到问题或无法进行数字访问, 你应该联系接待处020 8687 1157. 请参阅以下有关借用数码设备的资料.


沙巴体育app在国内向学生提供沙巴体育app下载的主要平台是微软团队. This enables teachers to lead students’ learning and provide them with a range of resources for them to access and tasks they can complete. Students working from home can expect to complete a variety of different activities through the week – for example a week’s science lessons may look like this:

Picture 2

教师将提供现场教学和讲解, 结合独立任务, videos and quizzes. Some subjects may direct students towards subject-specific learning platforms such as Mathswatch and Educake (science) for part of the study time. Teachers will remain available during lesson time (absence permitting) so that students can ask questions and get help where they need it.

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

如果你的孩子很好,那么他们应该参加所有的沙巴体育app下载. 如果他们生病了,请按正常方式报告(020 8687 1157 -选项1). You should also call the academy if your child is unable to access the online learning so we can support you.

请支持沙巴体育app,帮助您的孩子在家里有一个有效的日常生活. 他们应该及时起床,为一天的第一节在线沙巴体育app下载做好准备. Look together at your child’s timetable and talk through when they will have their breaks throughout the day. 所有学生在10点之间是自由的.10am and 11.所以如果需要的话,这将是一个呼吸新鲜空气的好时间. Lunch is from 12.40-13.10 for all year groups. 学生不应该在课余时间长时间工作. Teachers have been asked not to set additional homework so your child’s study day should end when the school day ends.

As far as possible, please check in with your child throughout the day and ensure they are working on their school work and not being distracted by other media. 鼓励他们在遇到问题时向老师寻求帮助. 提醒他们上传要求的作业,这样他们的老师就可以看到他们的进展情况.

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

Teachers will set out from the start what they will be teaching over a sequence of lessons and which pieces of work they will expect students to submit. 老师会用很多不同的方法来检查学生的理解,例如:

  • Online quick quizzes
  • 表格、网格或蜘蛛图的完成
  • 回答一系列简短的回答问题
  • Paragraphs or essays
  • Photographs of artwork etc.

教师将明确规定需要提交什么,何时提交以及如何提交. 提交作品的方式有很多种,例如:

  • 通过微软团队的作业
  • 通过团队或电子邮件发送照片和文件
  • 通过MS表格提交信息或文件

学院通过电子方式跟踪在线考勤情况. 每周老师都会给你的孩子打分:高/中/低/没来上课. 如果你的孩子没有登录他们的在线学习,你会收到一条短信通知你这件事. 这些短信每天都会发送,对于那些长期不参加会议的人,沙巴体育app会给他们打电话. 您将至少每两周接到您孩子的导师或其他教务人员的电话.


学生们将定期收到关于他们工作的反馈. 反馈的形式会根据主题、活动和任务而有所不同. In the course of a week of remote learning your child can expect to receive many of the following forms of feedback:

  • 口头反馈,当他们问或回答一个问题
  • 在“聊天”模块中回答他们的查询
  • 通过“作业”对他们的工作进行协作时的快速书面评论
  • Scores from online quizzes
  • 通过微软团队的帖子向小组或班级发表书面评论


  • 当他们的作业符合沙巴体育app的评分政策时,给予正式的书面反馈. 然后,学生将被要求提交对该反馈的回应.

Additional support for pupils with particular needs - How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils, 例如一些有特殊教育需要和残疾的学生(SEND), 如果没有在家的成年人的支持,可能无法获得远程教育. 沙巴体育app承认这可能给家庭带来困难, 沙巴体育app将与家长和护理人员合作,以以下方式支持这些学生:

  • 提供关于如何访问软件的简单、易于遵循的指南
  • 提供一个现场安置的任何学生与EHCP.
  • 根据EHCP的需要,在现场沙巴体育app下载中提供助教支持. 这可能包括额外的突围支持和/或额外的概述会议.
  • Literacy catch up live lessons will continue to be delivered and online literacy programmes will remain accessible for students to work through whilst at home.
  • Ensuring that weekly engagement telephone calls are made to all of our EHCP students so that they are supported to access their weekly schedule of learning. In addition, regular communication regarding provision and support will continue to ensure that provision remains appropriate.
  • Ensuring that all students with SEND receive fortnightly engagement calls so that they are supported to access their schedule of learning.
  • Offering telephone/virtual consultations with the SENCO in order to continue partnership planning for annual reviews and reintegration plan
  • Arranging multi-agency telephone conferences to discuss specific areas of need with parents and other specialists.
  • Providing accessible literacy and numeracy resources enabling students to access differentiated SEND learning activities if required.
  • 在线提供经过调整的沙巴体育app下载,以确保沙巴体育app的特殊教育学生可以获得现场沙巴体育app下载.
  • 提供书面资料,协助尚未精通资讯科技应用的学生参与沙巴体育app下载, 或者可能会断断续续地使用笔记本电脑和电脑.
  • 为继续上学的EHCP学生提供现场助教支持.
  • 为需要笔记本电脑支持家庭学习的学生提供笔记本电脑.
  • Providing continued access to assessment and support via telephone or video calls with an Educational Psychologist.
  • Providing continued access to assessment and support via telephone or video calls with a Speech and Language Therapist.
  • 确保为已确定身份的学生继续提供现有干预措施.g. 情绪调节课,辅导课,社交技巧课等等.

如果你的孩子遇到困难, 请在导师或助教来访时讨论这个问题, 或打电话给前台,让导师或FCO给你回电话.

如果我的孩子不上学是因为他们自我孤立, 他们的远程教育与上述方法有何不同?

如果你的孩子在家里自我孤立,而大多数学生都在学校, 沙巴体育app对他们的期望也不会有什么不同. 他们的沙巴体育app下载仍然可以直播,他们应该按照正常的时间表上课. 老师将把他们的时间分配给教室里的学生和小组里的学生. 如果学生有问题或查询,他们应该通过聊天窗口提出这些问题. Students may have to wait a little longer for a response as the teacher may be working with a number of questions within the classroom as well. If a teacher is absent, 沙巴体育app的目标是通过微软团队为在家的学生设置任务, 但在这种情况下,现场授课通常是不可能的.

Loan of Digital Devices

  • We have been provided with a small number of devices for loan and will assign these on a case-by-case basis, 考虑申请人的个别情况
  • 在秋季学期完成ICT审计的基础上,已分配了库存, 优先考虑那些无法使用ICT的学生.
  • Those that would like to request ICT as their situation has changed can do so by calling Reception on 020 8687 1157. 然后,它们将被放在一个储备清单上,并在有库存时进行分配. 
  • Printed materials can be requested on a case-by-case basis but it is our ambition to provide as many as possible with ICT access. 
  • 那些因为沙巴体育app的现场沙巴体育app下载而缺乏移动数据的人, 可否透过学校接待处申请加入新的政府计划,并获增加资料.
    • 本计划须符合以下要求:
      • 家里没有固定宽带
      • 无法为他们的设备提供额外的数据
      • 面对面的教育是否受到干扰







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